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about us


We are designers experienced in the field of communication arts. Our background in art, design and typography, architecture, and marketing will help your business thrive. We can help you effectively convey the key messages for your company. Clear communication is the goal through a well designed identity, marketing materials and a professional and compelling web presence.

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Tim Liszt started LisZt Design after working for a leading city agency where he served as graphic designer, business research analyst, writer and web content coordinator. During those years and since, Tim has provided freelance design and web development services to a variety of local and national clients. He is also a member of Claritas Consortium, a group of designers who come together to collaborate on projects. In addition to the selected projects listed above, you can also view a complete project list.

We have reemerged as A-lisZt design to convey our individuallity, quality work and broad range of creative services. Together we provide web design and development, graphic design, marketing and branding, illustation and photography. Collaborator artist, Robbe Abell, brings his experience in fine arts, illustration and architecture, along with more than 10 years of management, marketing, and working and studying abroad. A-lisZt design can help you effectively communicate the uniqueness of your business in the marketplace.

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